Autodesk is phasing out perpetual licenses of their software. Most individual products will only be available on subscription from 1 Feb 2016. This will be a term based contract with quarterly, annual and multi-year options.

Autodesk Design Suites will still be available on the purchase option until 22 July 2016.
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How to Set-Up & Maintain your Autodesk Software?

Subscribed to Autodesk

You have subscribed to Autodesk software on a term based contract.
This was previously known as Pay-As-You-Go or Desktop Subscription.

Refer to Autodesk subscriber’s ‘How To’ below

You are an Autodesk subscriber when you subscribe to Autodesk software. This works on a pay-as-you-go model and has a much lower up-front cost. Manage and maintain all administrative functions regarding your users, license renewals, software downloads, installation, activation & registration of licenses by creating an Autodesk Account. We have provided you with Step-by-Step guides below!

Maintain Current Software

You are a current Autodesk software client,
let’s keep it up to date and maintain your investment.

Refer to ‘Maintenance plan ‘How To’ below

You currently own perpetual rights to your Autodesk software. Although Autodesk is transitioning to a subscription based model (pay-as-you-go), you can maintain and update your software by renewing your maintenance plan, previously known as Maintenance Subscription. The maintenance plan is on a term based contract that offers you annual or multi-year terms.

Set-Up & Maintain your Autodesk Software with Autodesk Account:

Autodesk Account is a personalised and easy-to-use portal where customers can track and manage all of their Autodesk products, services, and benefits in one place.

When you are a current Autodesk subscriber, Autodesk Account allows you to download your software (new or previous versions), assists you to install, register & activate the software as well as supports you to manage your users.

Autodesk Account is your portal into your Autodesk World! Create your account today.

Set-up Autodesk Account

Creating an Autodesk Account is your key to accessing several Autodesk websites with a single sign-in. An Autodesk id will give you access to download software and manage your products and services.

User Management

Subscription administrators such as Contract Managers and Software Coordinators can add or remove users for software and services on a Subscription contract in Autodesk Account.

Install Software

Gain access to download your software for immediate use.

View the steps below on how to install and configure your software for your company.

Register & Activate your License

Here you are able to see how you can activate and register your software, manually or online. This can be done by verifying your serial number and product key of an Autodesk product and licensing it to a specific computer.

Autodesk subscriber’s ‘How To’