Autodesk is phasing out perpetual licenses of their software. Most individual products will only be available on subscription from 1 Feb 2016. This will be a term based contract with quarterly, annual and multi-year options.

Autodesk Design Suites will still be available on the purchase option until 22 July 2016.

Getting smart about energy

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Even as renewable energy grows worldwide, one key obstacle is integrating it into the grid. One Australian start-up has the software which can help companies do this and more, saving energy and money in the process. From powering our homes to manufacturing our goods, energy is needed in most aspects of human life. But growing [...]

Three Smart Ways Design Can Help Fight Climate Change

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World leaders converged this week for the Paris climate talks. This year, the United Nations summit on climate change is focused on the creation of an international climate treaty that outlines how we, as a global community, will translate policy into action. Such a treaty will pose a challenge to businesses around the world to design climate solutions and bring them to scale [...]

Marketing for Architects: 7 Low- or No-Cost Ways to Elevate Your Small Firm

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The overwhelming majority of architecture firms in the United States are small businesses, with 26 percent being sole practitioners, almost three-quarters having two to 49 employees, and 3 percent having 50 or more employees. Most small architecture firms don’t have huge budgets or a large enough staff to dedicate to marketing, so they have to [...]

Autodesk to Developers: May the Forge Be With You

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Autodesk wants outside developers to use its Forge development platform and opens a $100 million fund to encourage them to do so. Autodesk, the company that sells the software used to design and construct everything from car parts to skyscrapers, is opening up the software platform it uses to build its own products to outside [...]